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There is a difference between sharing a meal and sharing food. We believe that grabbing dinner with friends, but then ordering separately, is a lost bonding opportunity. When food is served ‘family-style’, perhaps from a sharing platter in the centre of the table, everybody becomes more socially engaged. Fayre Share provides friends and families with the opportunity to share not only meals, but all of the flavours of our classic British cooking too. Our commitment to this ethos is motivated by a wish to cultivate truly social meals for our patrons.
Fayre Share Restaurant Special Dish
Fayre Share Sharing Meals Restaurant

What we do

The clue is in our name: The Fayre Share menu is designed to facilitate sharing the joy of food with your friends and family. Every dish on our menu is offered in three sizes, so you don’t need to worry that your appetite might be too large or small to match the rest of your table.

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